Neopets prize codes

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Simply use the search function in your browser (ctrl F) and locate the text Petname' which should be a bit above this text and change 'Petname' with the name of your neopet.
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Copy and Paste the URL where it says b g /b in the code.Dropdown "verdana padding:1px li:hover.Jun 21, 2001 Apis Desert #rkmite Maraquan Jun 10, 2005 Avabot Robo #3 Oct 5, 2000 Babaa Neopian June 8, 2001 Babith Neopian Nov 6, 2001 Baby Blu Island #16 Aug 29, 2001 was old Maraqua Baby Fireball Fireball Scary Oct 20, 2000 Baby Space.Your pet can have on a hat/wig, outfit, and small handheld.

This will protect you and your Neopets from deranged code Mynci.
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