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One sticking point that has prevented a deal being struck is whether individuals should be allowed to sue for punitive damages as well as compensatory damages.
"The terms of the settlement involve the immediate payment to ADT.5m with does denny's have a veterans discount a further payment.6m to be made on a deferred basis said an ADT spokesman in Hamilton, Bermuda.
The cost will be divided among PIA's 4,000 member companies on a basis to be announced shortly.
Yesterday's announcement also pushed Lowndes Lambert shares fun unique baby gifts up 7 to 110p, valuing it at 67m compared with Fenchurch's 24m.This led to perfume bans and a brief consumer fling with products without additives - such as colour-free cola.30 Jan 97 Daily Mail : US court ruling lets Names start action Bizarre decisions in the US courts were the original undoing of Lloyd's of London.The Association of British Insurers said this week that a doubling in domestic property damage, to 730m contributed in large part to a 17 per cent jump in claims last year, to 2-7bn.The admission relates to ongoing court proceedings brought against several hundred names who are refusing to pay sums demanded for the society's past losses.At the option of the applicant, a higher wet runway braking coefficient of friction may be used for runway surfaces that have been grooved or treated with a porous friction course material.Given the conflicting interests of the parties involved, the chances of a favourable solution look at best 50 :.29 Jun 97 Financial Times : Lloyd's fails to find captain' Lloyd's of London looks like it has failed in its search for a "captain of industry" as chairman to bring new blood to the centuries-old insurance market following the crippling losses of recent years.The committee's report avoided a ruling on whether or not the MPs endorsed the finding by Sir Gordon Downey, the Parliamentary Commissioner on Standards, that there was "compelling evidence" that the former Tory MP took up to 25,000 in cash from Mohamed Fayed, the owner.

The merger valentine's day gifts online in bangalore created a 6bn international insurance giant.
"Alternatively, it may be because of the stress these people have suffered while they have been waiting for compensation." When Joe Palmer, chairman of the Personal Investment Authority, was asked by the select committee on Monday how many people had died while waiting for justice.
"Throughout this saga, one of the difficulties has been getting the companies to acknowledge that there is a problem and to stop buck-passing like alcoholics in denial.
He was succeeded by Sir David Kinloch, deputy chief executive of Caledonia Investments and executive chairman of Ivory Sime.Judgment is expected towards the end of the month.In the meantime Sedgwick, a global broker, is coping with soft rates and subdued demand.You bet they could.Before that, growth in profits after recession-related losses in the early 1990s had failed to galvanise share prices because of a poor performance in bond and equity markets in 1994.In early trading the Dow as up over 50 points but the index settled back to close.18 points higher at 7679.31 on a truncated trading day."But that in essence was where we saw the most significant departure from our recommendations and it is that that seemed to leave the committee finally with a very difficult choice to make." Lord Nolan added he would be particularly interested to know why.A higher level of lifetime savings would be required to deliver the same retirement income.Next month Tessa Jowell, the health minister, is hosting an international meeting to discuss smoking issues and to launch a tobacco control programme.At 1pm, shares in Philip Morris, the biggest US tobacco company, were up 2 3/8, or 5 per cent, at 47 7/8, and shares in RJR Nabisco, the second biggest US tobacco company, were up 1 1/8, or 3 per cent, at 35 5/8.

The charges follow the alleged deposit of bogus American Treasury bonds in a City bank on Thursday.