Did donald trump win in michigan

did donald trump win in michigan

No Democrat, and certainly no independent, is waking up on November 8th excited to run out and vote for Hillary the way they did the day Obama became president or when Bernie was on the primary ballot.
Having two women on the ticket that was an exciting idea.
The Depressed Sanders Vote.
Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore on Friday night blamed former President Obama in part for.
For the sake of preventing a proto-fascist from becoming our commander-in-chief, Im breaking that promise.Trump IS your messenger!Never in my life have I wanted to be proven wrong more than I do right now.A majority of Americans now take the liberal position on just about every polling question posed to them: Equal pay for women check.Because you dont want to think you just heard someone being shot with a gun.

More in Michigan during the 2016 presidential election.
Coming back to the hotel after appearing on Bill Mahers Republican Convention special this week on HBO, a man foot locker veterans discount stopped.
Then they let them fly commercial jets.
I believe Trump is going to focus much of his attention on the four blue states in the rustbelt of the upper Great Lakes Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Trump is going to win in November.The polls already show that more Sanders voters will vote for Hillary this year than the number of Hillary primary voters in 08 who then voted for Obama.Before we knew it, Beyoncé stormed on the field at this years Super Bowl (our game!) with an army of Black Women, fists raised, declaring that our domination was hereby terminated!Winner: Labor, in deep-red Missouri, voters resoundingly rejected a right-to-work law for the state.To shake things.There are people on the sidewalk!Danny OConnor very nearly won in his bid to repeat.