Black country museum vouchers 2 for 1 2017

black country museum vouchers 2 for 1 2017

A pdf version of the leaflet can now be downloaded by clicking here.
"We wanted to have a bit of fun and share our excitement this summer, and get our one millionth visitor party started." Councillor Shirley Smart, Executive member for tourism and economy, said: "It is incredible to think Dinosaur Isle is approaching the one millionth visitor.
This was taken by car-ferry to Hampshire.
Christmas Sale - December 2012 Dinosaur Isle's Christmas sale is now over but remaining Christmas stock is still available at 50 off, and chocolate at 30 off.Hypsilophodon foxii goes on display - July 2008 Two fantastic specimens of the small Isle of Wight dinosaur Hypsilophodon foxii have gone on display.Click here activate kohls gift card for the iwnhas website.During his work for the book museums that were involved included the Natural History Museum, London; Oxford University Museum of Natural History; Ulster Museum; the Scottish National Museum; the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology (Beijing, China Liaoning Paleontological Museum (Liaoning, China Yale Peabody Museum.The footprints now include those from two Iguanodons, Eotyrannus, two Hypsilophodons, a sauropod and a pterosaur.There's a dinosaur in all that rubble?It re-enforces our reputation as one of the main areas in the United Kingdom where anyone can find rare dinosaur bones, just by going out for a walk on the beach." Click here for the Daily Telegraph article.The new pterosaur from Sandown Bay belongs to a family called the Ornithocheiridae (bird hand).

Click here for a selection of pictures from the day.
Examples of other Isle of Wight dinosaurs are Eotyrannus lengi, Neovenator salerii and Hypsilophodon.
Dinosaur tooth found on school field trip - 18th September 2008 A pupil from Stisted CE Primary School was very lucky to find a really nice specimen of a fossil tooth from the large dinosaur Iguanodon.
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Dinosaur Isle Museum at the Short Breaks Fun and Information Day - 27th July 2018, dinosaur Isle Museum was represented again at the Isle of Wight Council's Short Breaks Fun and Information Day by Trevor Price, Community Learning Officer at the museum. .2 for 1 Vouchers for UK Visitor Attractions; Travel By Train.Natural History Museum: London.The erosion in this area occurs because porous rocks lay over a clay band half way up the cliff and all of the rocks dip gradually towards the sea.Isle of Wight Local Geodiversity Action Plan (iwlgap) now available online - March 2010 After many months consultation the second version of the Isle of Wight lgap has been issued, and is now available on-line from this website.

This was a whole-school day and the organizers estimated about 240 pupils attended the event.
Pictured below are some of the heavier fossils on the steps and floor, including fossils from the University and a large dinosaur leg bone from Dinosaur Isle Museum.
Results of the 2008 National Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) demonstrated the strength of the University's research across all of its broad range of subject areas.