A gift to myself charles whitfield

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2 bind Betty, Elijah, randalls monopoly sweepstakes Jammey(?) and Tom children of Unity a free negro woman to Thomas Bridgewater.
Minutes 1803-5,.106, November 1803, Deed of Emancipatin Samuel Slaughter to his negro man slave George.192Jesse X Branch of I of Wfreedom is natural rightfrees Negro woman named Chloerec.Lucy 16 Nov 91 and Captain 24 April t as the above mentioned Negroes are yet in their nonage I wish to see to the guardianship and instruction of the said Negroes till they arrive at full age rec 18 June90.P.215, I Thomas Wilson set free Lucinda a small mulatto girl daughter of Hannah about 5 years old.285 Matthew x Vick Senior of Southampton County I lend to my loving wife Sarah Vick during her natural life the use and labour of my Negro wench Patience and her children Mason and Peter and after her death I give the said Negro wench.P.185, Overseers of the Poor bind John and Joe children of Sylvia; Nancy, Diana and Becky children of Daphne Cooper; Sally and Catherine children of Averilla Cooper.Proved.148, I Francis Brown of Dinwiddie County being fully persuaded that freedom is the natural right of all mankind and that it is my duty to do to others as I would desire to be done unto in the like situation, and having under.654will of William Westbrook of Sohampton after my decease my will and desire is that my yellow woman slave Charlotte and her child Martha may be manumitted and orders a list of provisions given her along with 20 acres to be set off which.Free Negro which I sold him some years pastthe exec not pay my children their legacies all at once but I wish him to pay them a few dollars at a time and as they are all slaves he billboard tarps coupon code is not to wait until they.Is determined to make it back for his daughter's birthday; Charles wants a plum appointment at a Boston hospital; Klinger worries about Soon-Lee's spanish teacher gifts attempts to find her parents.Is one person, Tim, Randall, Ned, Tom, Talus, Gambo, Sall, Daughny, Aggy, Bob, and Ally together with their increase including Nancys child and all other of my slaves that are not herein mentioned to be fully and freely liberated from all Slavery and stand discharged.

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Proved in Richmond 13 December 1802.
91will of Celia Godwin of I of Wamong others legacies leaves to Negro woman Nancy Scott Godwin who was formerly my property one bed and furniture and one young cow and to James Godwin a Negro man formerly my property before I liberated him one.
Robert Goode to a Negro man named Abraham.326 - John White - of Sussex - sets free three negroes, Bob (23 yrs Roger (17 yrs Lewis (15 yrs on 3 June last) -Roger and Lewis to be free at 21- rec 3 Sept.We Emancipate a Negro woman named Nelly White.P.462, Robert Anderson for valuereceived by me set free my mulatto slave Nancy (commonly called Nancy Bird) with her infant boy called Henry Anglo Americanus.216 - John Carter - of Sussex after full and deliberate considerationBill of Rightsfreedom is the natural right - sets free the following Negroes vizt.This in substance was committed to writing within three hours after it was told me this 12 day of January 1800.P.287, I Thomas Massie of the county of Goochland emancipate my man slave named James alias James Barrett.